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Who we are

The All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG) advises Welsh Government about the use, management and prescribing of medicines in Wales.

We work with patients, carers and patient organisations; healthcare professionals; the pharmaceutical industry; Welsh Government and UK-wide organisations to produce guidance on the best use of medicines to make sure patients in Wales receive appropriate care.

We develop innovative partnerships to help patients in Wales get the best outcomes from their medicines. Everyone involved with prescribing and managing medicines in Wales works together to ensure equity of access to the most clinically appropriate and cost-effective medicines for the people of Wales.  

  • We develop timely, independent and authoritative advice on new medicines.
  • We advise Welsh Government about future developments in healthcare.
  • We help Welsh Government to develop a medicines prescribing strategy for Wales.

Download the AWMSG Constitution

Our groups and committees

How we work with AWTTC

The All Wales Therapeutics and Toxicology Centre (AWTTC) is an NHS Wales organisation that supports AWMSG and our subgroups: the New Medicines Group and the All Wales Prescribing Advisory Group.

AWTTC employs scientists, pharmacists, clinical pharmacologists, general practitioners, health economists, medical writers and administrators. They work together to produce the best evidence about medicines to AWMSG and its subgroups.

AWTTC’s staff work on health technology assessments; managing medicines prescribing, safety and toxicology; and analysing prescribing data.

AWTTC is based in The Routledge Academic Centre in University Hospital Llandough. Find out more about its work on the AWTTC website.

Our history

In late 1999, Welsh Government’s Health and Social Services Minister set up a Task & Finish Group for Prescribing, chaired by Sir Norman Mills, to advise on improving prescribing practices and the provision of medicines in Wales. The Task & Finish Group recommended setting up an All-Wales Medicines Strategy Group and developing an  All-Wales Prescribing Strategy. The All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG) was established in 2002 to advise Welsh Government on medicines management and prescribing in an effective, efficient and transparent manner.

Download the report of the Task and Finish Group for Prescribing, published in 2001