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Comment on our medicines resources

Help us to make medicines safer and more effective for patients in Wales. 

We produce resources to help patients and healthcare professionals in Wales make sure that medicines are used effectively and appropriately.

  • Patient information leaflets for patients to understand their medicines and how to take them safely.
  • Prescribing guidance for doctors to choose the best medicines for their patients.
  • Learning tools for prescribers and pharmacists to use medicines safely and effectively.
  • Reports showing patterns of medicines prescribing across Wales.

See all our resources in our library.

We'd like your comments on any new resources that we're developing. We want to understand what it's like to live with a health condition and hear about your experiences with any medicines you are, or were, taking.

Your insights could make a real difference to patients in Wales.

See our medicines resources awaiting your views page to see the resources we're currently developing and how send us your comments.