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New medicines needing your views

We advise Welsh Government about whether a new medicine should be used in NHS Wales.

We assess how well a new medicine works to treat a health condition. We'll compare it with medicines that are currently used to treat that condition. We also look at how much more (or less) the new medicine costs, and find out if there's a particular group of patients who would benefit most from treatment.

Our appraisal process overview page will give you more information.

We'd like to know how a health condition affects the lives of patients and their families and carers in Wales.

Tell us about your experiences and any medicines you are, or were, taking. It's important to tell us if you feel your treatment needs are not being met.

Your insights could make a real difference to patients in Wales.

We've listed the medicines we're currently assessing on our appraisals in progress page. Please fill in our questionnaire online, or download it to fill in and email to us at If you'd like us to send you a copy to fill in, please contact us.

We welcome responses from patients and their families and carers, and patient organisations.

Any questions?

We answer some frequently asked questions below:


Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions: by phone on 029 218 26900, or by email at