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Accessing medicines in Wales

Welsh Government aims to make sure that patients in Wales have quick and fair access to medicines. There are four processes to approve medicines for use in NHS Wales.

Our video summarises the different ways medicines are made available in Wales.


The New Treatment Fund, launched by Welsh Government in January 2017, ensures patients across Wales have faster access to new medicines.

Health boards and trusts have a 60-day deadline to make a newly recommended medicine available for prescription. In order to monitor compliance with the New Treatment Fund, health boards regularly report how quickly they put the new medicines onto their prescribing lists to Welsh Government.

Annual reports on the formulary status of medicines recommended for use within NHS Wales by NICE and AWMSG are compiled by the All Wales Therapeutics and Toxicology Centre (AWTTC):

⇩ Medicines Recommended by NICE and AWMSG: Health Board Formulary Status (From 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019) 882KB (PDF)