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National prescribing audits

CEPP National Audit - antipsychotics in dementia

The aim of this audit is to ensure appropriate prescribing of antipsychotics in patients aged 65 years and over with a diagnosis of dementia.

CEPP National Audit - medicines management for chronic kidney disease

This audit has been developed to further support the safe management of CKD patients with the intention of improving the identification of relevant patients, their medicines management and therapeutic outcomes.

CEPP National Audit - towards appropriate non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) prescribing

This audit has been developed for use by primary care general practitioners to highlight safety issues associated with NSAID prescribing, particularly in patients with a higher risk of side effects.

CEPP National Audit - focus on antibiotic prescribing

This audit has been developed to promote antibiotic prescribing in accordance with existing guidelines and to support clinicians in promoting quality improvement by reviewing antimicrobial prescribing within their teams.