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Persistent pain resources

This resource pack provides healthcare professionals with signposting and access to appropriate, relevant and up-to-date information on the non-pharmacological and pharmacological management of persistent (chronic) non-malignant pain in non-specialist settings.

These resources have been updated to capture the MHRA drug safety updates published in September 2020: Fentanyl patches for non-cancer pain: do not use in opioid-naive patients and Opioids: risk of dependence and addiction.
⇩ Persistent Pain Resources - Medicines Used in Persistent Pain 448KB (PDF)
⇩ Persistent Pain Resources - Signposting to Persistent Pain Resources 220KB (PDF)
⇩ Persistent Pain Resources - Ten Key Messages 553KB (PDF)
⇩ Persistent Pain Resources - Shared Decision-Making Toolkit 143KB (PDF)
⇩ Persistent Pain Resources - Educational Slide Set 397KB (PDF)

October 2016: Original publication
December 2020: Minor update to include information from MHRA drug safety updates published in September 2020