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AWTTC partners with ScriptSwitch to support medicines management initiatives across Wales

AWTTC is working in collaboration with ScriptSwitch to ensure the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group’s (AWMSG) key prescribing messages are visible to prescribers in Wales.

Messages will support the work of AWMSG and help practices and health boards to move towards the National Prescribing Indicator thresholds, in addition to supporting safety and efficiency. Clear, consistent and evidence-based national prescribing messages will promote safe and effective prescribing and save duplication of effort by health boards.

In the first set of ScriptSwitch integrations, AWTTC has worked to give health boards  the option to import messages to support the “Low Value for Prescribing in NHS Wales” initiative into their profile, for deployment to local GP practices.

In future, AWTTC plans to develop further messages and switch recommendations to support the work of AWMSG. Please get in touch with us at if you have any queries.