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AWTTC signs RPS Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge

We are proud to announce that the AWTTC has signed the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge.

The aim of the pledge is to support the pharmacy profession to be more inclusive, as well as to promote positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. By committing to this we will be supporting the pharmacy profession to deliver inclusive pharmacy professional practice, and address health inequalities within the diverse communities that we live and work in.

As the AWTTC and AWMSG are multidisciplinary teams made up of highly skilled experts including pharmacologists, health economists, NHS clinicians, pharmacologists, IT, data and administrative specialists and scientists, as well as pharmacists, each of these individuals amount to years of combined experience and a broad geographical representation. Therefore, this pledge shows our dedication and support to not only our pharmacists, but to the whole of our rich and diverse workforce.

There are 10 different points included in the pledge, each advocating for inclusive culture and wellbeing in the workplace.

We pledge to:

  • Create an inclusive culture of belonging by embracing and celebrating the diversity of our people and ensure individuals are valued, supported and able to be their authentic selves at work.
  • Allow and encourage open and honest conversations about inclusion, diversity, and wellbeing.
  • Create opportunities to learn about the diversity of the teams we work with, the people we serve and enable access to diverse role models who are representative of the profession.
  • Have zero tolerance for any form of discrimination, bullying or harassment and enable our people to raise such concerns without fear of consequences.
  • Champion and embed inclusion and diversity at all levels and refine how we operate, recruit and develop our people throughout our organisation.
  • Work towards capturing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion data for our workforce.
  • Ensure our leadership reflects the diversity of the profession and the communities we serve.
  • Look after the wellbeing of all our people at work and empower people to look after their own health and wellbeing.
  • Commit to providing a healthy work-life balance for our people by encouraging them to take their full allocation of breaks and consider flexible working options as appropriate.
  • Provide and signpost to wellbeing support so our people are aware of what is available whilst improving confidence and reducing any stigma associated with accessing help.

For further information on the Inclusion and Wellbeing Pledge, you can visit