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Communications and Engagement Strategy consultation

An overarching Communications and Engagement Strategy has been developed to align AWMSG and AWTTC’s communications approach and support the delivery of the AWTTC Work Programme.

The Communications and Engagement Strategy covers a diverse audience including the pharmaceutical industry, health professionals, patients and the public. The approach outlined in the strategy will utilise a number of different channels including targeted social media, reactive and proactive PR and stakeholder engagement.

A key part of the success of this strategy AWTTC will be creating an open dialogue with partners and, as part of the next phase of the strategy, there will be a consultation period. We are inviting comment and suggestions from partners and stakeholders on the Communications and Engagement Strategy.

The focus of this document is to outline a strategic approach to communications and we would be grateful for your comment(s) to ensure that AWMSG and AWTTC continue to be relevant and responsive to the needs of the service.

Please note: Consultation closed on Thursday, 10 June 2021.

Communications and Engagement Strategy 2021 [English / Welsh]